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Very poor journalism

September 3, 2007


The fearless Guardian, in a “special report” for its online unlimited edition, managed the following piece of spineless garbage to describe the latest stage of British troops’ retreat from frontline action in Iraq.

Its slavish parroting of the government line gives Gordon Brown full reign from the start to pitch the news as nothing but the most well-thought out and orderly relocation of military assets.

It saves until paragraph 12, the following lame background on the dire situation in which British troops have found themselves:

The Basra palace had come under near daily rocket and mortar fire from Shia militias until the British troops released about 30 gunmen a few months ago and spread the word that they would soon withdraw.

The British forces’ ability to control events in Basra waned in recent years as the militias rose in power.

And that’s from one of the newspapers people describe as progressive and establishment shaking.

Once again, I give you Brian Haw., the change of British prime minister nothwitstanding.