Inadequate and misleading – judge for yourself


Another day, another deception from the government in charge of the mother of parliaments. This time, it’s Labour’s mock consultation last year on whether to build new nuclear power stations in Britain. Take it away, Mr Justice Sullivan:

“The 2006 consultation document contained no information of any substance on any of the issues identified as being of crucial importance,” he said. “It was not merely inadequate but it was also misleading.”

His wiggedness went on to say something had gone “clearly and radically wrong” with the consultation paper, issued last January.

The Guardian leader called it “pretending to listen”. And no, I couldn’t resist responding.

Labour, building on the good work of their predecessors in power, the Conservatives, make an ever more convincing case for the inability for elected representatives to run the country on our behalf. As usual, the Americans do it with just that little bit more style and panache, as Greg Palast’s “The Best Democracy Money can Buy” does such a good job of showing. But Tony’s not doing badly.

Vive direct democracy.


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