Tony Benn

The following link picks up an hour-long interview with Tony Benn, the longest-serving Labour MP bar none and the man who left parliament to spend more time on politics. Much of the piece is concerned with history and serves up some useful thoughts on the IMF’s pressure on Britain in the 1970s. The story sounds similar to what the Fund is now infamous for, namely advancing a big-business agenda at the expense of the rest of us.

For me, though, the nugget of several nuggets was Benn’s quote from Hitler’s Mein Kampf (which the little swot read at age 11) which had the moustachioed one concluding that too much democracy leads to socialism. It is a conclusion I share.

Eek, does that make me a Fascist? No, because I believe that we should have more democracy, real democracy that entails real power being handed to the voting public, and a more socialist society would emerge automatically without having to bother with any political titles.


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