Oops, I did it again

Weeks without visiting the Guardian’s excellent comment is free pages and suddenly, one little mouse click into a leader article on BAE naughtiness, alleged of course, I’m stuck back there like some dog at the butcher’s shop door (though I suppose that sort of lame Olde Worlde reference doesn’t work in 2006, the dog would be skulking outside Insainsbury’s or BadAssda, but I digress).

Somehow my post, signed-in as hotairhead, started turning all evangelical at the end. I told one of the challenging posters to think about where his life was headed (I assumed he was a man, your average poster there is), something I can only assume comes from the 10 days I recently spent on a silent meditation course.

I went there, there being near Hereford in western England, for personal and professional reasons. Personal because meditation gives me some peace and calm to think and professional because the moral underpinning of the type of meditation taught there, called Vipassana, lends itself to what I think journalism needs. I would recommend it to friends and enemies alike.

As for NoSurrenderMonkey, who was advocating basically anything goes in defence of the realm against the enemies of Britain, I’m not sure he was really listening.


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